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Firsts: PG-13, SPN, 3/?

Title: Firsts

Author: daymarket

Pairing: Dean/Cas

Rating: PG-13 

Notes: AU robot!fic. Sequel to "I, Castiel," which is a fic where angels and demons are robots. Cas is Dean's robot and trying to figure out what the hell it means to be human. Sorry for the delay, guys, life has been hell on earth (ha!) recently. Thanks to kundello, who gave me a much-needed kick in the pants.

Summary: Life after the “operation” was measured in a series of firsts.


 The First Time Cas Went Behind Dean’s Back

Awkward described the atmosphere for the next few days quite well. Apparently when Cas got upset, he got formal. Dean did try to open a conversation once, but faltered at Cas’ stiff replies of ‘yes, Dean’ and ‘no, Dean’ and ‘whatever you say, Dean.’

Truth to tell, Dean had no idea how to work it out in a conversation anyhow. What did he really want at this point? What did he really think Cas was? Yes, Ash had changed Cas. But to what extent? Was he absolutely, really human, or was he just a very good imitation? It was all a confused muddle in his head in a place where logic had been told rudely to go fuck itself. And to be honest, logic was probably glad for the break, because it was the only one getting any. Dean was still kind of awed at it himself—he’d turned down sex. Dean Winchester had turned down sex.

Distraction, that was the key. Distraction was good. Work was a good option, since home had Cas. Dean still had to drive Cas every day to Ellen’s and back, but that was a ten-minute ride at most either way. Out of twenty-four hours, twenty minutes was okay. Yeah. Twenty stiff, silent minutes.

Dean took a deep breath before he pushed open the door of the Roadhouse. Day three of their kinda-sorta-fight had turned out to be pretty much like all the others, and Dean didn’t have high hopes for any lessening of tension. Cas could hold a freaking mean grudge and glare like a champ.

“Dean?” Ellen said as he walked in. Dean looked at her, puzzled by the surprise in her voice. “What’re you doing here?”

“Picking up Cas, what’s it look like?” Dean said with a frown. “I mean, I only do it every day.”

“I thought you were taking the day off with Cas,” Ellen said, looking at him oddly. “Damn inconvenient, too. Had to handle dinner hours by myself, which put me in a pretty lousy mood.”

Dean blinked. “I never called you. When did this happen?”

Ellen set her hands on the counter and stared hard at him. “Don’t act like you don’t remember. It was around four in the afternoon, maybe. I was about ready to rip your head off when you hung up on me like that.”

“I didn’t…” Dean froze mid-sentence, his brain ticking. “Wait. So Cas isn’t here?”

Ellen rolled her eyes and waved around at the bar. There was a noticeable absence of grumpy bots in ugly trenchcoats. “Does it look like he’s here?”

“No, but…”

Ellen frowned. “Wait a second. Do you know where Cas is or not? Did you call me? Or did you—”

“Wait,” Dean blurted. “Yeah, yeah. Sorry. That was me.” He gave her a winning smile, even as his brain worked furiously to fill up the gaps in time. “Ha! My mistake; I, uh, me and Cas had something going on, and uh, yeah.” He nodded. “I’ll see you!”

He headed for the door even as Ellen let out an incoherent sputter behind him. Dean didn’t stop, fumbling for his keys and opening the door of the Impala with impatient fingers. Once inside the car, he gripped the steering wheel hard for a few minutes, trying to dampen down the irrational (completely insane, really!) thought that Cas had left him. Forever.

“Shut up shut up shut up,” Dean muttered to himself, trying to batten the wayward fear down. Okay. Focus and think, stop panicking like a twelve-year-old girl. If Cas faked a phone call to Ellen, he must have a reason, right? Something he wanted to do—

(Yeah, like strike out for greener pastures instead of some conflicted guy who can’t even say—)

Dean slapped the palm of his hand against his temple as if trying to physically knock those thoughts out of his head. Focus. Okay. Maybe Cas didn’t go off alone. Maybe he went to do…something…with somebody. Cas didn’t know many people, to the best of Dean’s knowledge, and that narrowed the list of possible places down considerably. Sam, maybe? But why in hell would Cas go to Sam, unless he wanted to deliver a lecture on robotic rights?

Cursing under his breath, Dean pulled out his smartphone. He glanced at the screen impatiently and waited for it to turn on; twenty torturous seconds’ worth of waiting. He started to punch in Sam’s number, but stopped as the chime indicating an incoming message sounded. You have two new voicemails, it said. Please press 222.

Dean pressed 222.

“Hi, Mr. Winchester,” a woman’s voice said. She sounded British and young, with just a faint curl of amusement to her voice. Dean hated her immediately. “This is Bela Talbot from Technosales Realtors. I’m so sorry that we couldn’t come to an agreement on the item you requested. However, we could discuss different terms in a more private setting if you wish. You have my number; feel free to call for an appointment anytime.”


“Dean.” Cas’ voice was deeper than ever and twice as solemn. “I am at our residence.”


“End of messages. To repeat, please press one. To—”

Dean jabbed the red end button viciously. “What kind of fucking stupid message is that?!” he bellowed at the phone. His earlier anxiety and blind panic was swiftly fading, replaced by annoyance. Bela Talbot, yeah, that name was vaguely familiar, although at this point he had zero idea who she was and could not give a shit. But Cas’ message—fuck. Goddamn, goddamn bot.

He took a deep breath and started the engine. The ten-minute drive could not go by quickly enough, and by the time he pulled up in the driveway, he had an entire monologue worked out in his head. He’d start with the irresponsibility of disappearing like that before working his way up to simple human courtesy and the niceties of interacting with other people, and—

“Jesus Christ!” Dean yelped as he swung open the door and came face-to-face with Cas. Cas must have been hiding behind the door or something, because he was right there in Dean’s space. “Son of a bitch!”

“Hello, Dean,” Cas said simply.

Dean stared at him for a moment. “That’s it?” he demanded as the silence stretched on. “Nothing to say for yourself?”

Cas blinked. “A greeting is customary these days. And I believe that ‘hello’ is still the term.”

“Yeah, but—hey. You’re talking to me now?” Dean leaned back a bit, studying Cas critically. “What the hell happened today? Did you go see a therapist or something?”

“I cannot be analyzed by your crude human means,” Cas said, tilting his head to one side. “Although you are welcome to try.”

“Yeah, thanks. What happened?” Dean pulled his phone out of his jacket pocket and waved it in Cas’ face. “First Ellen told me you were gone, and then this Bela chick called, and then—”

“Yes,” Cas interrupted. “I, ah…apologize for that.” He cleared his throat, a purely aesthetic gesture that still seemed to come off as rather awkward. “I did not know how else I could contact Bela.”

“Wait. You—you contacted this Bela person?”

“Yes,” Cas said.

Dean frowned. “About…Ruby?” he guessed, and was rewarded with a curt nod. “But—oh. Wait. When you’d first call her? How do you even have your number?”

“I have been deceptive, Dean,” Cas said, sounding entirely unapologetic about the whole mess. “I went through your wallet to find Bela’s business card and I called her yesterday to make an appointment.”

“And?” Dean asked, still in a mild state of shock.

Cas looked at him for a long moment, the blue of his eyes clear even in the darkness of the room. “And I went,” he said. There was a moment of silence. “I think I should turn on a light.”

And he did just that—he turned out of Dean’s personal space without another word, turned out the light, and sat down on the couch. Dean sat down slowly next to him, his mind still trying to switch gears from righteous monologue mode to produce something of conversational value. “So—how’d it go?” he said at last.

Cas didn’t look at him. “Ash went with me.”

“Ash—” Dean frowned, recalling that Ash had indeed been missing from the staff room for once. “That explains the quiet at work today.” He blew out a slow breath. “So, uh. You did this? By yourself?”

“You’re surprised?” Cas asked, looking sideways at him. “Not upset?”

Dean blinked. “Oh. Yeah.” He mentally scrounged about for his monologue, sighed, and gave up the fight. “Shit.”

Cas stared at him unblinkingly for another moment, and then something softened in his pose. “I’m sorry,” he said, sounding if not actually sorry, then at least mildly contrite. “I shouldn’t have gone behind your back.”

Dean shook his head. “It wasn’t a very bot-like thing to do.”

“But very human,” Cas said.

“Yeah,” Dean said. “So. You went to Bela’s with Ash? So what happened?”

“It was an absolute failure,” Cas said, and Dean jerked his head up in surprise at the sudden flat tone of Cas’ voice.

“What do you mean?” Dean asked. He fumbled with the pocket of his jeans and pulled out his smartphone. Setting it on speaker, he replayed the message. Cas stared down at the phone, his expression clearly spelling out his desire to smite it into dust.

“I asked to conduct a private transaction in regards to Ruby,” Cas said at last as the beep of the phone faded into silence. “She was destined to go on auction with a starting price of three thousand dollars. I offered Talbot five to sell privately.”

Dean raised an eyebrow. “Where’d you get five thousand bucks?”

“My earnings,” Cas said with a shrug. “Ash contributed the rest.”

Dean whistled, recalling the shoebox in his closet. He couldn’t very well open a bank account in Cas’ name, and it felt wrong to deposit Cas’ earnings into his own account. They’d resorted to the good old ‘cash under the mattress’ cliché, although in this case it was more like ‘cash in the shoebox in the closet’—a bit more than two thousand, if Dean recalled correctly. “Did you just throw a briefcase of cash down in front of her?” he asked, only half-joking.

Cas frowned and shook his head. “The transaction would have been carried out in Ash’s name, and I would have paid him later. At any rate, we failed our objective.”

“Talbot wouldn’t sell?”

“No,” Cas said, sounding grim. “She wanted seven thousand dollars, more than what Ash and I could afford to pay.”

Cas turned his face away at this last sentence, and Dean was left staring at the back of his head. The tension in his form was evident even through the heavy material of the trenchcoat, and Dean found himself casting his mind about for solutions to the problem.

“Well,” he said at last, “she sounded like she was pretty open to re-negotiation. I could, uh…” he sighed, then said, “I don’t know, I could probably shell out two grand.”

Cas stopped, perfectly still. “I can’t ask you to do that,” he said, sounding wary.

“I’m not asking for your permission,” Dean said. In a lighter tone, he added, “Humans don’t beg favors of their bots, after all.”

Cas turned abruptly enough that Dean found himself staring into intense blue eyes, with no room to draw back. “True. Normally, they don’t.”

There was heat in that tone, but for the life of him Dean couldn’t figure out if it was anger, frustration, or maybe some pent-up (ohgodohgod) sexual tension. He took a deep breath and forced himself to meet the gaze squarely. “Well, good thing we’re not normal, then, huh?”

Cas didn’t reply, and Dean forced himself to back up. Just—back up, and breathe. Yeah. He could’ve sworn that there was a flicker of disappointment in Cas’ eyes, but it was gone the next moment.

“I’ll reschedule an appointment for tomorrow, then,” Cas said, and if his voice was a little rougher than usual, they both ignored it. “Or would another time be more convenient for you?”

Something inside Dean clenched hard. And fuck, even if he was acting like the girl in this complete non-relationship, it still made Dean hurt to hear that tone in Cas’ voice. “Hey,” he said, gripping the sleeve of Cas’ trenchcoat before he could move away. “Are we, uh…are we going to talk about this?”

“About what?” Cas said.

“About…you know. You. Me. Sex.” He winced. “Or you know, lack of sex.”

“You need space. I understand,” Cas said flatly. “I don’t understand your—” he took a deep breath. “Let me rephrase that. There’s still a lot that I have to learn about being…human. I understand that now. And I think that at this point in time, it’s best not to discuss this further.”

“Cas, it’s not that I don’t—yeah—” Dean broke off, flustered. “It’s just that—I, uh—”

Cas looked away, freeing Dean from his gaze. “I know,” he said, and his voice was softer than Dean had ever heard it before. “I am sorry that I forced myself onto you.”

Dean raised an eyebrow, amused despite himself. “You didn’t force yourself onto me, man,” he said. “I kind of enjoyed it. Sort of. It’s just, uh, it was…”

“Rest assured, I will not repeat my mistake,” Cas said, and Dean knew him well enough now to see the hint of amusement playing in his eyes. Cas leaned in close, and Dean’s eyes fluttered slightly as Cas placed a chaste, closed-mouth kiss on his lips. “There’s still much I have to learn about humans before I can court one properly.”

“Yeah,” Dean muttered as Cas pulled away, a little miffed at the idea that Cas thought he had to court him. He was totally the girl in this relationship, wasn’t he? “I’ll, uh…you do that.”

The heat of Cas’ mouth against his lingered long after Cas had pulled away, bringing up sense memories of their heated first kiss. Maybe Cas did have quite a bit to learn, but kissing sure as hell wasn’t one of them.


The First Time Cas Learned About Gratitude

Bela Talbot was a polished, sophisticated woman with a crisp British accent and an outfit that probably cost more than Dean’s entire annual salary. Dean hated her immediately.

“Mr. Winchester!” she declared as they walked into her swanky, tastefully decorated office. It took a moment for Dean to realize that she wasn’t talking to him, but to Cas. “I’m so glad you decided to reconsider. Oh, and you’ve brought a friend with you—may I have your name?” She smiled at him, holding out a perfectly manicured hand for him to shake.

Hey, he knew how this went. Dean flashed her a smile of his own, turning the charm up to eleven. “Pleased to meet you, Ms. Talbot,” he said. “I’m Dean Winchester.”

“Oh, do call me Bela. ‘Ms. Talbot’ makes me feel like I’m fifty.”

“I don’t think anyone could ever mistake you for being a day over twenty,” Dean said, and yeah, maybe that was laying it on a little thick. Bela sent him a thin smile, obviously knowing exactly what he was doing.

“That’s very kind of you, Mr. Winchester. Do take a seat,” she added, gesturing them towards a sofas around a glass table in the middle of the office. Dean sat down and was nearly swallowed by the plush cushion; Cas perched on the very edge, looking grim(mer) than usual. Bela smoothly took a seat next to Dean, somehow managing to float impeccably on the cushion.

“Well. Mr. Winchester—well, both of you. Are you two brothers? Interested in a, ah, joint venture? Or perhaps you’d like to purchase separately? We have couple and single models available if you—”

Dean opened his mouth to speak, only to be interrupted by Cas’ harsh rumble. “You wanted seven. We can give you seven.”

Dean winced as Bela let out a tinkling laugh that only made Dean hate her more. “Well. Very direct, are we, Mr. Winchester—may I call you Castiel? It’ll be easier to know who I’m talking to.”

Cas gave her a stiff nod. Bela looked questioningly at Dean, who smiled tightly. “Sure, knock yourself out.”

“Well. I assume you’re talking about the generation five model designated as ‘Ruby.’ Yes. Well, we pride ourselves on customer service here, and of course we’ll do anything to reach an agreement with you.” She paused, the sentence hanging in the air. “Of course, proper compensation will have to be made.”

And…there it was.

“What kind of compensation?” Cas demanded. “We’re willing to pay your demands.”

Bela laughed, and the sound grated on Dean’s nerves. “Don’t be so abrupt; you make it sound like a hostage negotiation.” Next to Dean, Cas stirred slightly. Dean clamped a hand on his arm to keep him down. “We’re here to talk business, after all.”

“Great,” Dean muttered. “What kind of business are we talking about?”

“Well, as you can see,” Bela said as she stood up, “Technosales Realtors does private sales, but lately we’ve been preparing all our stock for the 21st Annual Cybernetics Corporation.” She held out a pamphlet to Dean. He raised an eyebrow as he thumbed through the glossy pages. “Among demonstrations of the latest technological offerings, an auction is also held for what we in the trade term ‘junk’ items—outdated models, as it were.”

“Gen fives aren’t outdated,” Cas said stiffly. Dean patted his arm in consolation even as the corner of his mouth quirked up at the slight hint of annoyance in Cas’ voice. Attaboy.

Bela seemed less impressed. “A generation six is now in development,” she said. “Alpha models are in trials, and their debut is one of the star attractions of this year’s fair. Quite fascinating; they’re designed with empathy nodes that should allow them to—”

“Yeah, yeah,” Dean interrupted. “You were talking about the auction?”

Bela blinked, but she recovered quickly and sat down next to Dean again. “I was,” she said, leaning in close to examine the pamphlet over Dean’s shoulder. “Well. Yes, we do have an auction, and that’s where your bot will be going.”

“And Ru—the bot is expected to sell for seven thousand?” Dean asked.

Bela pursed her lips. “The starting price is three thousand. But a final bid of seven thousand is the low range of what we’d expect to get.”

Dean raised an eyebrow, running it through a mental translator. “Okay. So, you’re not actually sure what the hell you could get. Nice. So why’d you tell Cas five?”

“Cas?” Bela asked. “I’m afraid—oh. I see. That’s an interesting nickname.”

“Answer the question,” Cas said, his voice flat.

Bela looked at Cas, who was perched on the very edge of the sofa. “It’s hard to determine price in this day and age,” she said with a cool smile. “One has to account for unseen difficulties.”

Cas tilted his head, studying her like she was some new life form he’d never seen before. “What sort of difficulties?”

“A bribe, Cas,” Dean said. “She’ll put down five grand on the expense report and pocket the rest. Isn’t that right?”

Bela shrugged, clearly unrepentent. “Bids have been known to exceed more than twenty thousand,” she said. “Two thousand seems reasonable to take your lot off auction.” She fixed her gaze on Dean. All flirtation, real or otherwise, vanished from her eyes. “You can try your luck, of course. See if the crowd is lucky to you that day.” She gave him a thin smile.

Dean took a deep breath. He leaned back away from Bela to get a clearer view of Cas’ impassive form. “Can we, uh…” he gave Bela an equally insincere smile. “You know. Have a moment. To talk?”

“Of course,” Bela said, backing up gracefully. “Take as long as you need.”


“I believe that this is not going very well,” Cas said in the corridor outside of Bela’s office. “For one, it seems overly complicated.”

“That’s the spirit, Cas. Spit it out,” Dean said tiredly as he leaned against the wall. “If you want Ruby back, you’ve got to jump through hoops and kiss the asses of people who get in your way.”

Cas frowned. “That seems unhygienic.”

Dean laughed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “Figure of speech, Cas. Although I wouldn’t mind non-figuratively kicking her ass. God.” He shook himself. “I feel dirty now, seriously.”

“I don’t think that brute force is the way to go,” Cas remarked. “Although it does have its merits.”

“Emotion versus logic, the eternal conundrum,” Dean said. “Fuck this, I’m human and I’m sick of this shit.”

He felt Cas’ hand rest on his shoulder. He could feel the warmth of Cas’ palm even through his shirt and turned towards it. Cas’ eyes met his.

“I know this is a trouble to you,” Cas said. His voice was soft, but Dean imagined that he could almost hear a note of sincerity in the low voice. “I apo—”

“Okay, Cas,” Dean said. “Look, a few things straight.” He cleared his throat and turned to face Cas. “Stop apologizing.” He paused, then smiled ruefully. “Or, you know. Don’t start. I signed up for this—well, at least I gave Ash the go-ahead, which is pretty much the same thing. I’m not going to start whining because there are a few bumps in the road.”

“It’s a costly bump. I understand that two thousand means quite a lot on your salary.”

“Money’s…money.” Dean shrugged. “I live alone. I don’t eat that much. My biggest expense every month before you came along was upgrading my baby every once in a while, maybe a night or two out at Ellen’s. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to go to Tahiti anytime soon for an expensive week partying on the beach.”

“So you’re saying that money’s not important?”

“Don’t get any ideas,” Dean said. “I’m not that rich that I can buy you a pony while we’re at it. But a temperamental bot that I don’t even like?” He paused. “Yeah, sure. Why not?”

Cas blinked. “Oh.”

“‘Oh?’ That’s all? No professions of undying gratitude?” Dean said, amused despite himself.

Cas shrugged. “I can’t die, at least not in the traditional sense.” He frowned slightly. “I’m not sure how to profess gratitude other than in a sexual matter, and I think we’ve already indicated that this is not the time and place to begin courting.”

“Isn’t it the custom for the courter to buy stuff for the courtee, not the other way around?” Dean said with a raised eyebrow.

“I believe you favored overturning custom?” Cas pulled back, and Dean had to stop himself from following him. Cas turned to look at Bela’s office, his shoulders slumping slightly. “Although apparently not the part about acquiescing to tyranny.”

“Hey.” Dean stepped up behind Cas and laid one hand over his. “We’ll manage it. And once this is over, maybe we can get Ash to work some digital mischief. You know.” He leaned forward and grinned conspiratorially. “We’ll have her chasing her own tail by the time he’s done.”

Cas’ eyebrows furrowed slightly. “I believe Bela Talbot doesn’t have—oh. I see. Another figure of speech.”

“See? That’s progress!” Dean declared. “Getting Cas to understand figures of speech: success! Now we can conquer the world.”

“I’d like that,” was Cas’ dry answer. “Just think of what we could do with the world.”

“Things are looking up already, huh?” Dean said.

“Well.” Cas’ mouth twisted slightly. “I wouldn’t say that. I feel like this is a disfavor to you, Dean. I should not be imposing on you.”

Dean sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. “Look, Cas,” he said. “I don’t know how to label this…relationship, this non-sex, this whatever we’ve got. But I’m just saying that, I don’t feel imposed upon man. Friends give each other shit all the time, right? And they don’t whine about it afterwards. Maybe we’re more than that, maybe we’re not, maybe we’re roommates who so totally aren’t courting, believe me. But the end result’s the same. I don’t mind. I don’t need you to feel like you owe me.”

Cas looked down. Dean tightened his grip on Cas’ fingers and shook them slightly. “Cas?”

“This was all so much simpler when it was all about sex,” Cas said after a moment, sounding frustrated. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”

“Nothing,” Dean told him. “Just sit back and enjoy it. Not everything in life needs to be repaid.”

Cas looked up at him, frowning. There was an interminably long moment before he blinked and gave a small, almost timid nod. Dean’s hand tightened around his, and after a brief hesitation, Cas squeezed back.

Bela was back behind her desk, but she looked up at they re-entered the office. “Have you decided?” she asked with the smile of one who already knew the answer and was anticipating it with great pleasure. “Seven thousand’s a small price to pay for such a wonderful item. It’s only slightly used, you know.”

“We’ll take it,” Dean said.

“Of course,” she said. “I’m delighted that we’ve reached an understanding.” Her eyes lingered on Dean’s face for a moment before dropping downwards, and it took a minute for Dean to realize that was still holding Cas’ hand. But dammit, he wasn’t going to be ashamed.

“Lovely,” Bela said, her smile not faltering a bit as Dean didn’t let go. “Well,” she said as she sat back down at her desk, “I’ll be sure to reserve your desired lot. You’ll have to go to the Cybernetics Convention to pick it up, I’m afraid. Let me get you some registration passes—you can’t get in without a pass. Security issues.” She tapped something on her keyboard and the printer whirred as it spat out two laminated squares. “Well, here you are. Go to our booth and ask for auction lot 106; it’ll be reserved just for you. And of course—will you be paying with cash, or with credit?”

“Credit,” Dean told her as he handed her his credit card. “Just ring it all up.”

Cas didn’t say anything else as they got into the car, but the look in his eyes was enough. After a moment of companionable silence, Cas rummaged through the CDs in the car and started up a thumping bass beat that had Dean grinning as the familiar notes greeted his ears. He could swear that he even saw a small smile on Cas’ face as they drove home.



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Nov. 27th, 2010 01:19 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed that. Well done! Glad to see you back in the saddle. :)

The characterization is still kick-ass. Looking forward to the next installment!
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Gahh! I am so, so sorry for the late reply. Things have been horrible lately, and I've been working on my xmas fic which is so overdue. XD Thanks, love, I was a bit worried about this chapter actually because I wrote the ending in an extreme rush. *hugs*
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I'm really enjoying this. Dean's uncertainty and Cas' tentative steps toward human behavior are really fascinating. I snorted at "courting."

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AND I have to add that I loved the way Cas found to express his gratitude. Music says a lot. :-)

I'm looking forward to more!
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Sorry for the late reply! Yeah, I mean, don't scientists project that technological capabilities will double every five years or something? Cas will be outdated soon, and that's going to be unfortunate. (I think. DA DA DA DUNNN!) Thanks for commenting!
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Ah! I like Cas being sneaky and devious. Too bad it failed though. Oh well, Dean to the rescue!

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Sorry for the late reply! Yes, their relationship will have a few things to work out, but they'll get there. You know, eventually. ;D Thanks for commenting!
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This is getting more interesting with every chapter! I love the way you write Dean and Castiel, IC and right for the universe they exist in. Thank you for this pleasure!
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Well, I wouldn't know about army, but...yeah, turbulent seas ahoy! (; Thanks for commenting, and sorry for the late reply!
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Aug. 5th, 2011 05:55 pm (UTC)
Just wanted to say I love this series. I normally don't like robot stories too much, but this one is amazing. I look forward to the next chapter!
Aug. 6th, 2011 06:15 am (UTC)
Ahaha, thank you, bb! <3 I swear that this story will be finished someday. *nodnodnod*
Oct. 26th, 2011 11:16 am (UTC)
I found this story in a rec list and I'm really enjoying it!
You've done a great job at keeping everyone in character.

I do hope you'll continue it someday (pretty please?) :)
Oct. 26th, 2011 01:53 pm (UTC)

arrrrgh I want to finish it. I WILL finish it. Someday. I'm working on two fic exchanges right now but maybe when they're done the inspiration will flowww! *hopes*

I'm glad you liked what's been posted so far, though. :)
Dec. 26th, 2011 11:48 pm (UTC)
I don't normally read incomplete fics because the wait between chapters isn't my cup of tea. However your first fic in this au, took my breath away and I had to read more. I thought to myself that this fic is definitely worth the waiting. And while this is still true, it has come to my attention that you haven't updated in over a year!! I need this to be updated!! Please please please!!
I'll do anything!!
Dec. 27th, 2011 01:52 am (UTC)
Haha, thank you so much for reading. :) I have no plans to update this in the future, though. Sorry about that. :( I've drifted out of the fandom somewhat...
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Jan. 19th, 2012 03:14 pm (UTC)
I am so very in love with this verse you've created. I hope you'll write more in it! *nudge nudge*
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